Hi! I’m Megan Rothey, creator of The Beauty Ballot. Thanks for stopping by!

Who Am I?

I’m somebody who thinks makeup is fun and who loves to get dressed up. I love sleep. I need a LOT of it. A perfect Saturday for me would be sleeping in, taking as long as I want to get ready (wash hair, shave, face mask, glam makeup, hair curled, etc.), getting dressed up, going out for a yummy dinner, then after the kids are in bed I would get in bed with my husband, turn on a chick flick and eat a ridiculously rich dessert.

I have a serious sweet tooth…it’s a problem that I will tackle another day. I love any food I don’t have to cook, but my favorite type of food would be Modern American. Fancy French Fries? Yes please. Classy Mac n Cheese? Anytime!

My favorite thing to do with friends and family is to have game nights. Nerd alert! I love card games, board games, large group games, and basically any game. Settlers of Catan is probably my favorite. I love figuring out a strategy and I love to negotiate trades. I guess games fit with my competitive personality. I grew up playing sports (soccer, tennis, softball) and since I don’t play sports much anymore maybe games are my way of still competing?

I am a serious Bachelor fan. I haven’t missed an episode since I started watching back in 2010 when Ali Fedotowsky was the Bachelorette. If you want to be friends, let’s chat about it, but no spoilers! We are so serious about keeping upcoming episodes a complete surprise that we even fast forward through the previews of the upcoming episode. Chris Harrison saying “Next week on the Bachelor” is our queue to grab that remote and fast forward! Too intense? Probably.

Oh, and I’m a mom. Did you catch that? I have two young boys that I love! I stay home with them so this is a place where I can keep some of my personal identity alive. I am married to a man who I’m convinced is the best husband around. We live in Denver, Colorado and love it. It is so beautiful here. I grew up in the desert so the luscious green forests in the mountains will always impress me as well as the summers that aren’t over 100 degrees. The weather keeps us on our toes but I like that. It’s never one way for too long!

Why Did I Start The Beauty Ballot?

It all started with excessive time at home while quarantined during the COVID-19 pandemic. Just kidding…kind of.

I have always liked makeup and considered it a bit of a necessity with my pale features. Over time, my interest grew and I started trying new products and began practicing to get better at application. Especially after becoming a mom, makeup was a way I could have some time to myself to be creative and feel beautiful. When I had some extra cash after a birthday, I found myself searching through tons of beauty products and combing through reviews to find something I would love. I became frustrated when:

  • Products claimed to be miracle workers and I wasn’t sure if the claims could be trusted
  • I didn’t know if/when brands mattered
  • I couldn’t find a color swatch of a new lip color I wanted to try
  • I found a lower cost option but wasn’t sure if the results would be comparable

Over time I began taking before/after pictures and making color swatches but I never had a great place to share them. Eventually, (while in quarantine) I decided I would make a website to share my personal experiences with beauty products. My goal is to help other people know what products are worth their time and money. I’m no makeup pro, that’s for sure, but I’m confident that I have genuine feedback to share and tips to help people.

Connect With Me

To learn more about me and see more beauty tips and reviews, follow The Beauty Ballot on social media! I hope you like what you see and I hope to get to know you too 🙂