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Shocking Hair Turban Ad

July 30, 2020

You know I love to call out bad beauty ads so today I’m calling out an ad for a hair turban towel. I saw this video floating around Facebook that was advertising the amazing results of a hair turban towel.

It was posted by Shiny Gem and was promoting the Cotton and Gem Magic Quick Dry Hair Hat. The video is absolutely ridiculous! Here is my favorite (and by that I mean the LEAST believable) part of the video.

This girl with the blue towel acts like she had put her hair up in the towel right after the shower. Then she takes it off after “3 minutes later” and her hair is parted, combed, completely dry, and curled with a hot iron…Do they think we would believe the towel did that???

Here are a couple of photo ads from their website:

^ Screenshots from the video ad
hair towel turban advertisement
Apparently this towel can also straighten your hair with a flat iron and in just 3 minutes! *eye roll*
hair towel turban advertisement

Avoiding Bad Ads

My tip for avoiding ads like this is to use common sense lol It should be obvious when an ad is this bad, but in case it isn’t:

  • any time you see the word “magic,” especially in relation to a beauty product, be skeptical
  • any time you see the word “instant” be skeptical
  • when ads are coming from a vague page rather than a proven brand, be skeptical
  • when the time they are advertising for a towel to dry hair is significantly faster than it takes for an electronic tool to dry hair, be skeptical

Results of Dramatic Ads

I get that this kind of marketing really grabs our attention. It made me remember that I have wanted something like this to keep my wet hair up while I’m getting ready. I even bought a hair turban towel not too long after seeing that, but NOT from the people who were advertising it. I would never trust a company that was making ads like this and I don’t want to give my money to these people.

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