2020 Causebox Review and Unboxing

CAUSEBOX Review & Unboxing

September 1, 2020

You know I love subscription boxes! Wait…I take that back…I love trying subscription boxes for a HEAVY discount and trying a bunch of stuff I wouldn’t have otherwise purchased. Then I often cancel because I don’t want to pay full price.

Anyways, I had really wanted to try a silicone face brush and heard great things about PMD but it was so expensive! When I saw that it was included in the CauseBox I figured it was a perfect time to try both the PMD brush and CauseBox for the first time because I could get the whole box for cheaper than I could buy just that brush on its own!

What is CauseBox?

  • Quarterly subscriptions box
  • 6-8 full-size products
  • $55 per box
  • Total retail value $200+
  • All products ethically and sustainably made
  • They raise awareness for and donate to various charities benefiting women

^ Unboxing and initial thoughts

What I Got In My Summer 2020 Welcome Box

The first box you can get for a discount. Search for coupon codes. I got mine for $40 after taxes/shipping.

The retail price listed above is what the packaging said and it totaled $321. I was able to find these products for a bit cheaper on Amazon so I linked to Amazon where I could. Based on the Amazon price, the box’s total retail value was $270 which is still so high! Nice!!


  • Loved The Products. I was surprised at how much I loved what they chose. I have honestly been using everything they put in the box and I’m somewhat picky. My biggest pet peeve about subscription boxes is “getting a great deal” on stuff you don’t actually want or won’t use but I didn’t have that problem.
  • Great Value/Quality. They advertise that the retail cost of the items in the box adds up to $200+ and I actually believed it. The quality of the products seems great.
  • Nice Pamphlet. Honestly, this seems silly but I really liked the information book that came with this box. It wasn’t random info and wasn’t full of ads. It was info on how to use products (which is great if you aren’t familiar with something they picked) and it also tells you about the companies they picked products from and the charities that were helped. It is important to share that info since they are focused on “causes.”
  • Cute Packaging. I love the box design, plus the large size makes you feel like you are getting lots.
  • Perks for Annual Members. I like that you aren’t getting anything less by not getting an annual subscription, but it is also nice to get a perk if you do choose annual membership. The cost is $50 a box ($5 off) and you get customization such as picking the color of products or even choosing between different products.


  • Limited Customization. While there is some customization for annual members, the majority of products are not able to be switched in and out. I didn’t mind at all this time but I’m not sure if every box I would be this happy with.
  • Not In Budget. This is no fault of theirs, but $55 just isn’t in my budget. At this moment I would rather use that money to pick a specific product I have been wanting to try, but in the future, I would consider coming back to this box.
  • Can’t Buy Just One. I think it would make an awesome gift for any girly girl! It is made to please any girl, it is a great value, already comes cutely packaged, and you don’t have to pick anything out which is great if you have trouble picking stuff out. BUT there is no option to buy just one or to buy multiple of one season’s box so it is difficult to buy as a gift.
  • Cancellation Not Intuitive. I was able to cancel easily on the website but I had to look up where the cancellation button was.

Is This a Great Quality Box?

The Beauty Ballot Positive Product Review

If you have the extra money to spend on a subscription box then this is one I would recommend! HOWEVER, if you don’t have a large amount of money allocated towards beauty then you should stick to picking out the products you really need or pick a cheaper beauty box that is just sample sizes.

Interested in purchasing a CAUSEBOX? Learn more here and get $10 off!

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