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Does A Foot File Work?

July 17, 2020

I’m not one to spend a lot of time on my feet. I LOVE getting a pedicure but it just isn’t in my budget to get one regularly. When I don’t have my toenails done by a pro, I’m lucky if they are even trimmed. If I did my own nail polish then I would be feeling so fancy! lol My skincare for my feet is just as bad. I put some body lotion on my feet each morning but that is the extent of it.

I have very dry skin and have noticed that the skin around my heels builds up and cracks pretty bad. It isn’t cute and it gets worse in the summer when I’m often walking around barefoot or with sandals on.

I used a pumice stone recently and while it did make my feet a bit smoother, it did a horrible job removing the built-up dry skin. I decided I needed to find my own foot grater like they have at nail salons and ended up picking this one:

My Results With a Foot File

I found my foot file (aka foot grater) on Amazon and figured that for around $10 it was worth a try. Here are my results:

Pros and Cons

Overall thing worked SO well! It actually surprised me!

  • Sharp: the main foot grater is very sharp which means it cut through the built-up skin very well, it took very little time, and I’m confident it will continue to work for a long time. The negative is that you have to be somewhat careful and it is clearly for those
  • Easy to Use
  • Rough Finish: The foot grater’s purpose is to remove thick dead skin and it does that well, BUT it is not meant for getting a super smooth finish. Luckily, I chose one that comes with a sandpaper type foot file so I used that after the grater style of file so I got the smooth finish I was hoping for.
  • Doesn’t Remove Cracks Completely: I used it until I didn’t feel like there was any built-up dry skin and that calluses were removed, but you could still see some little lines on the back of my heel. Many cracks were gone completely and the lines left weren’t as noticeable so it was progress but not perfection. Maybe if I would use it more consistently then I could remove more of the cracks…?
My pile of dead skin that came off of my foot when filing it. Yuck!

Is a Foot File Worth Your Money?

Positive Beauty Product Review

I have had great results using a foot file! I am super pleased with the amount of dead skin I was able to remove quickly using this product. It is very affordable and works as advertised so I’m voting yes!

You can check out the one I got here.

Who Should AVOID This Product?

This kind of foot file is nicknamed a foot grater for a reason. It seriously shreds your skin off and is very sharp. If you don’t have thick calluses or built-up dry skin then you should NOT get this product. It will be much too harsh for you! If you just need a little something to keep the edges of your feet smooth then stick to a pumice stone or a fine sandpaper type of foot file rather than the foot grater style file.

Now tell me, what is your favorite way to keep your foot smooth?

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