L'Oreal Voluminous Mascara vs high-end mascara

Is High-End Mascara Worth Your Money?

May 15, 2020

Purchasing mascara can be difficult because are SO many brands and types of mascaras. How do you know if you can trust mascara ads? How do you know if the expensive brands give you more dramatic results?

What Makes Your Eyelashes Look Great

Naturally Fabulous Lashes

In my opinion, eyelashes are one of the hardest things to fake. It is easier to change your skin or eyes than it is to change the length of your eyelashes. Mascara is a product that essentially colors your eyelashes so if you have thin, sparse, or short eyelashes then no mascara product is going to make your eyelashes look like the lashes in advertisements.

Basically, if you want super dramatic lashes then you better have great lashes to start with otherwise your best bet is to use fake eyelashes.

Amount of Product Used

I am fortunate to have somewhat thick and long eyelashes so I have never used fake eyelashes. The main trick I have for getting extra luscious lashes before going out, isn’t really a trick, it is just spending a bunch of time layering the mascara on. You can do a coat of mascara, let it dry a bit while you do the other eye, then go back for a second coat. Using more product will make your lashes look thicker. For the pictures below, I put on mascara for 10 minutes! Yes, that is a long time and is not part of my daily routine.

Mascara Comparison

This is a side by side comparison of two mascaras I have used. The first is a high-end mascara called Perversion by Urban Decay and the second is a drugstore mascara called Voluminous by L’Oreal. I made sure to apply both of these for the same length of time and to use the same lighting so the comparison is accurate.

In my opinion, there was little to no difference in the product formula itself but my eyelashes looked clearly thicker with the L’Oreal mascara so that is the mascara I would prefer even if I didn’t consider the price.

The L’Oreal Voluminous can retail for as much as $8.99 in store but I have found it for as cheap as $6 on Amazon. I often get coupons from my grocery store that I can use for L’Oreal makeup so by using this product I can save nearly $20!!

Price Comparison

For reference, here are some retail prices for a variety of mascaras. I used all reviews and pricing from Ulta so the comparisons would be as accurate as possible.
Urban Decay Perversion Mascara4.4 Stars$25
L’Oreal Voluminous Mascara4.3 Stars$8.99
(although I often see it on Amazon for $6 or $7)
Clinique High Impact Mascara4.2 Stars$19.50
Ulta New Heights Mascara4.8 Stars$10.50
Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara4.2 Stars$25

You can see that a more expensive mascara does not necessarily result in better reviews. Mascara is the makeup product that I purchase the most often, about every month or two so the price of it is especially important to me. I don’t want to waste $16+ dollars a month on a product that does not provide noticeably better results than a drugstore product.

Is High-End Mascara Worth Your Money?

Negative Beauty Product Review

Use your money to buy expensive products that provide a noticeable difference. Don’t waste your money on high-end mascara. All mascaras are slightly different, but buying high-end mascara does NOT guarantee longer/thicker lashes.

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