TruSkin Vitamin C Serum Review

Does Serum Make A NOTICEABLE Difference?

April 8, 2020
guys versus girls skincare routine

< Have you seen you seen memes like this before? Or have you felt like this yourself?

I had seen lots of jokes about this so I vowed not to have 10 pointless skincare products like the girls in these memes. Here was my beef with long skincare routines:

  • Skincare products can be EXPENSIVE and girls use many different products every day?!? I don’t have money for that!
  • How do you know which products are working when you layer on multiple products?
  • If I get one product that is high quality shouldn’t that eliminate the need for other skincare products?

My Skin History

This part is important, but I will keep it brief.

I have very pale skin. Growing up I have had countless horrible sunburns, and I have lots of freckles redness and fine lines as a result.

I have incredibly dry skin and living in Colorado doesn’t help! It is the driest place I have ever lived and I often get little rashy dry spots whether or not I moisturize often.

I know this is bad–don’t judge me too harshly because I’m better now–but I have always worn makeup without taking it off and washing my face each night. I’m just lazy.

What Led Me To Try A Serum

All of that poor skincare was catching up to me. I had more redness than ever and had rough dry patches on a few spots on my face. I could feel the rashy spots, see the redness, and was trying to use makeup to fix it all. I decided I needed to do something to fix my skin rather than try to cover it up.


My first thought was this: I can exfoliate off the dry spots and damage and be left with a smooth, clean blank slate that I can take better care of in the future.


One of the first things I tried in order to better exfoliate my skin was microdermabrasion. It didn’t work. It may have helped smooth my skin a bit temporarily but didn’t change my skin long term.

Keep in mind that when I got it done, I went with my mom and sisters. It was my idea to go to a salon as a girls activity and while some people got facials, my sister-in-law joined me in getting microdermabrasion. While the technician was working on my face it hurt SO bad and I kept thinking about my poor sister-in-law. As soon as we got out I apologized to her for taking her to do something that was so painful but she said hers wasn’t bad. We may have different pain tolerance, but my guess is that they were really trying to strip my skin back. So if that level of microdermabrasion didn’t work then I wouldn’t be trying that again!

Buying a Face Cleansing Brush

I had been using my hands to rub a face scrub on my face. I knew the scrub was exfoliating so I thought maybe I needed to use something besides my hands to wash my face. I researched some face brushes on Amazon and decided to try a facial cleansing brush (like this). I have no issue with this product, but I was using the “most exfoliating” brush head (aka roughest) and wasn’t seeing significant improvement. I figured this must not be the solution and I didn’t want to over-exfoliate my skin if there was no blank slate to be found underneath the dry spots.

Changing Up My Products


Next, I thought that if I couldn’t exfoliate away the dry spots then it must have been my moisturizer that was the problem. I had tried a couple different drugstore lotions, nothing fancy, and those weren’t helping so I wanted to try something more high end. I went to Ulta at the start of the 21 Days of Beauty sale and asked an employee to help me figure out which of the moisturizers that would be on sale during the next few weeks would be best for me. We ended up picking out the Clinique Moisture Surge Gel. I could feel a difference in the product texture and could tell that my skin was more hydrated after using it, but I didn’t have dramatic results that solved my long term skin issues.

Face Wash

Another one of the major problems with my skin was the redness. Sometimes my face looked a bit crazy right after a shower. I thought maybe it was ingredients in my face wash that was causing the redness. I tried getting a few different cleansers from the grocery store to test (Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Face Scrub, Clean & Clear Continuous Control Acne Cleanser, and more). None of them helped and the Clean & Clear face wash even seemed to make the redness worse. I was worried about the chemicals in the face washes I was trying so I thought maybe I have sensitive skin and need a really simple cleanser. So I bought Simple brand face wash. It was better than the others and I felt confident that wasn’t causing any more problems so I stuck with that cleanser but needed to try something else to solve my long term problems.

Picking a Serum

I had some gift money and was interested in getting some new beauty products. Full disclosure: I just had a baby so I was fat and didn’t want to buy clothes. Ha! I wasn’t sure what else to get so I read some articles about the best beauty products on Amazon. I saw that a serum was mentioned and thought that now might be the time to try one since I had some money and nothing else had helped my face much. I read through all of the reviews and searched what other serums were popular but ended up sticking to the serum the article had recommended (linked below).

The main reason I chose this serum was because it was $20 for the 1 oz bottle. My face was in rough shape so if I couldn’t see at least a LITTLE progress with an affordable serum then I wouldn’t be convinced that serums would help solve my problems.

I also chose this product because of the reviews. The serum had about 13,000+ reviews and 4.4 stars on Amazon which I thought was pretty good. Some of the reviews had before and after pictures that were quite convincing, but I am super skeptical of before/after pictures because I know they are so easy to manipulate.

My Results After Using TruSkin Vitamin C Serum

I decided I would give this serum a shot, but I would take pictures to track my progress so I would know for sure if the product was helping. (I don’t always notice little things so I was worried I wouldn’t notice slow improvement of my skin over time. I was still under the assumption that layering products wasn’t necessary and I wouldn’t be wasting my money on something that wasn’t necessary.)

After just around 2-3 weeks I had my husband feel my face. Weird right? But I was getting excited because I was FEELING a difference. My skin felt much smoother. It just felt like it was a much more even surface than in the past and the rough spots were improving. I didn’t want to get too excited yet though. I waited until I had been using the product for at least a month then I took my “after” picture to compare.

How do you know if these pictures are legitimate comparisons and not marketing tricks? Well, I took the pictures at the same time of day, on the same day of the week, in the same spot of my house, wearing the same outfit, with my hair done the same way, with the same amount of time passed since I showered/washed my face, and wearing the same face products (I have the same Clinique moisturizer on in both photos). And of course no editing. Seems intense right? That was the point. And the results are still astounding:

B E F O R E > A F T E R
B E F O R E > A F T E R
B E F O R E > A F T E R

This shows the difference of one month using the TruSkin Vitamin C Serum. The multiple dry/rashy patches on my face have COMPLETELY DISAPPEARED! Yay! I still have some redness on my cheeks by overall my redness has DRASTICALLY improved. One of the most noticeable features unfortunately can’t be seen in the pictures. It is how smooth my face is now. My skin feels much tighter after application and is smoother than ever.

Is Serum Really Worth It?

Positive Review for BH Cosmetics Liquid Lipstick

As skeptical as I was, my results are undeniable. My skin isn’t perfect now and I don’t expect every person to have as dramatic results as me because many people don’t have as many skin issues and many people already use serums along with other high-end skincare products, but my goal through all of this was to determine if serums make a noticeable difference that can’t be replicated by other products and I can confidently say YES.

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