lip monthly subscription review

Lip Monthly Subscription Review

August 8, 2020

You know I am a sucker for a good deal! I especially love getting a killer deal on subscription boxes so I can get a bunch of new products. Usually, the deal is just for the first box, and I usually don’t want to spend the money to continue the subscription. The same goes for this subscription service called Lip Monthly.

What is Lip Monthly?

  • Niche beauty subscription box focused on lip products
  • Every month, you get 4 full size lip products and 1 other beauty product
  • Cost: $13 a month

What Came In My Box

Pros of Lip Monthly

  • Easy to Cancel: I saw some complaints about this so maybe they have improved things, because it was very easy to cancel. I just logged into my account and there was an option to click to cancel.
  • First Bag for $5: I love a good deal on the first box so we can try it without much cost.
  • Full-Size Products: No little samples here.
  • High Retail Value: I was surprised at the high retail cost of these products after looking them up. I wouldn’t mind trying some of the popular drugstore products though.

Cons of Lip Monthly

  • Products Were Streaky: My biggest dislike was that multiple lip colors were a bit sheer and went on uneven. They didn’t seem like great quality to me.
  • Unknown Brands: I am not familiar with tons of makeup brands, so it might be my fault, but I hadn’t heard of any of the brands that I got in this box. I would like to try some of the most popular lip products out there.
  • Colors Were Similar: I got two lipsticks that were pretty similar in color and they were both a creamy lipstick so it was the same type of product too.
  • Non-Lip Products Seem Out of Place: It seemed so strange to get an eyeliner in a lip themed box. There are so many other lip related products they could add (lip masks, lip scrubs, lip oils, lip liner, etc). I think they should stick to their niche.
  • No Customization: Maybe it is already too niche for customization but I have liked customizing subscription makeup boxes.
  • Packaging Isn’t Special: I don’t care much about packaging and the bag I got was not the norm so this wasn’t a big deal to me.

Is the Lip Monthly Subscription Worth It?

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If you are interested, get the $5 first box and you can always cancel. That cost is so cheap I don’t regret doing that at all, but I would not recommend Lip Monthly at the full price and I will not be continuing this subscription service. I figure for $13 I could get one product I will really love (brand, color, product type, etc) and I would rather have one product I love than four that are just okay.

Also, if you like lip products and other makeup products, you could subscribe to Ipsy and customize your box to be skewed more towards lip products.

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