Color Street Nail Strip Application Tips

Color Street Application Tips

August 28, 2020

I’m NOT a Color Street Stylist (seller) but I bought a few sets to test out and review here on the blog (which you can read here). Or stay here if you want my tips for a smooth application 🙂

If I could only share one thought, it would be that the application will get significantly better/faster over time. Just like any new product, there is a learning curve so don’t give up if your first application isn’t perfect.

Basic Instructions

  • Cut and file your nails (if you want)
  • Push back cuticles (so it will take longer before you notice your polish growing out)
  • Use the alcohol wipe included in your package to clean your nails
  • Find the strip size that fits your nail best
  • Remove the top and bottom layers
  • Gently set down in the middle and press the sides down firmly to smooth out any wrinkles
  • Fold the end over the top of your nail and file off
  • Use any nail polish remover when you are ready to remove

This first video is a basic demo of how to apply Color Street nail strips and the next is some extra tips.

Bonus Tips

  • DO YOUR THUMBS LAST: This makes it easier to use your thumbs as a tool.
  • START WITH A SMALL SIZE: The goal is to make sure the strip isn’t touching any skin. We want it flush with the nail so it sticks well and so it is easier to smooth out. My personal preference was to start with a strip just slightly smaller than your nail and not going too close to the cuticle. Over time you can work on getting closer to the skin.
  • PEEL OFF ANYTHING TOUCHING SKIN: Did ya accidentally get the strip on the cuticle or on the sides of your finger? No problem! Use a manicure tool or your thumbnail to perforate the nail polish strip then peel off the polish that was on your skin.
  • USE STRIPS AT ROOM TEMPERATURE: If they are really hot they will be a bit stickier and if they are too cold they will be less sticky and flexible. Keeping them inside your home will be great.
  • USE STRIPS IMMEDIATELY AFTER OPENING: Quick story…my Color Street sample was amazing so quickly ordered some full sets to try. My first full set I opened and removed the protective layer but then I realized we needed to leave so I left them out on the counter all day long. When I put them on that night I couldn’t get the sides to stick down well enough so there were some gaps that led to chipping. I was frustrated, but then I realized what happened and haven’t had that issue since.
  • STRETCH TO ELIMINATE GAPS: Do you have some gaps/wrinkles? Slightly lift the strip and gently pull forward a bit to help get the strip smooth. Also, make sure you push hard to smooth them out.
  • STRETCH FOR EXTRA WIDTH: These are flexible strips so if you need a bit of extra width then I recommend applying them on one side of the nail then stretching over to the other side of the nail.

Getting More Out of Color Street

  • GET TWO MANICURES FROM ONE SET: If your nails are short enough, you can cut the strip in half and use one side of the strip for your left finger and the other side for the same finger on the other hand. So you would only use 5 out of your 16 strips! I have done it and it is awesome! Serious money saver! If you want your manicure to have a bit less wear then I have heard you can also double up the strips.
    • Negative: The only negative to this is that you have a bit less strip to work with to pull/smooth out wrinkles. And if the end of the strip is too close to the end of your nail then it is possible to get a couple of wrinkles around the tip. If you want to try cutting your strips in half but are scared of them becoming too short and ruining a size you need then pick a strip that is too big or small for you, cut it in half, check the length again your nails, then determine if this would work for you.
  • USE EXTRA STRIPS: There are 16 strips in each set so the 6 strips you don’t use can be saved for accent nails in future manicures. You can also cut the strips and put them on top of a future manicure as nail art. I have also heard of people cutting the extras to make a pedicure. I need to try that!
  • DON’T LET STRIPS DRY OUT: If you plan to save any extra nail polish strips for future use, make sure to store them well so they don’t dry out! Always leave the clear plastic layer on top and put them back in the clear pouch they came in. From there you can put them in a good quality ziplock bag and put them in the freezer. I have also heard about people resealing their pouch with a flatiron. If they have lost a bit of flexibility, try putting a blow dryer on them for a few seconds.
  • PROMOTIONS: The website always does a Buy 3 Get 1 Free deal so you get the best price by buying 4 at a time. It also limits the shipping costs compared to buying 1 at a time. If you join your stylist’s Facebook group then they may also do occasional sales.

I hope you love your Color Street nail strips and that these tips help you get a great application! Tag The Beauty Ballot in your nail pictures so I can see!

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