BH Cosmetics Liquid Lipstick Review

Favorite Cheap & Transfer-Proof Lipstick

April 23, 2020

There is no waiting to see the vote on this product. Today I’m reviewing my favorite affordable liquid lipstick: BH Cosmetics Liquid Lipstick. I went on a quest to find a lipstick I would love, but I will cut straight to what I think about this product.

Product Description

Here are the highlights of the online product description for BH Liquid Lipstick. In my opinion, all of these claims are accurate.

  • Long-wearing
  • Full-coverage
  • Won’t Smudge or Transfer
  • Wide Range of Colors
  • Matte Finish
  • Wet to Dry

Long Lasting

Back in the day, I used chapsticks, lip glosses, or regular lipsticks which come off very easily. After getting married and having babies I wanted something that would stay on after kissing baby cheeks, kissing my husband, or even eating.

I was first interested in lip stains because I knew that would be the most long-lasting product. I tried Lip Sense and it definitely fit the bill of long-lasting, but it wasn’t my favorite because of the smell and because I had to use a makeup remover to get it off which just seemed a bit much.

BH Cosmetics Liquid Lipstick Color Muse
BH Liquid Lipstick in the shade Muse

I then started looking into liquid lipsticks. Some are not transfer-proof at all but some stay put for quite a while. This BH Cosmetics Liquid Lipstick is one of the best I have found in regards to long-lasting. It dries in just a few minutes and then it will not transfer at all when it is dry. < This is big for me. There are lots of liquid lipsticks that last a long time but they still have a bit of transfer. BH Cosmetics has no transfer as long as the product is dry. I can kiss my babies without giving them kiss marks!!

BH Liquid Lipstick in the shade Sophia
1. Lipstick right after application
2. Lipstick after eating a snack and a pasta lunch
3. After eating dinner and drinking throughout the day.
This is with NO TOUCHUPS throughout the day so it had worn off a lot in the third picture

It does come off and it will transfer when it gets wet though. I’m fine with that because it means that I can wash it off when I wash my face and I don’t have to use a specific product to take it off. What does that mean for when we are eating? Well, when I’m drinking, I will get a lipstick ring around my cup/straw and I can see lipstick getting on my silverware. The more I eat and drink the more it wears off so it does not look perfect after eating, but I have found that it doesn’t wear off completely and it does not wear off awkwardly which is good for when you can’t touch it up. There is no flaking off. It just gets lighter in the middle after eating and once your lips are dry again, it becomes transfer-proof again.

PRO TIP: The closer to your natural color, the less noticeable it will be that some product has worn off after eating.

LIPSTICK HACK: Right when you are done eating/drinking and while your lips are still a bit moist, gently rub your lips together and it will even the product out and you may not need to touch up! You can also just put a bit of chapstick on for the same moisturizing effect.

Why does your lipstick still look good after we just ate lunch?

My Mom
BH Liquid Lipstick in the shade Serena
1. Lipstick right after application
2. Lipstick after eating one meal (it still looks great!)
3. End of the day. Definitely is wearing off.
This is with NO TOUCHUPS throughout the day though.

Neutral Colors

Megan Rothey Tests BH Cosmetics Liquid Lipstick
^ I am wearing the shade Sophia which was my favorite but has been discontinued. I’m searching for a replacement.

Another main reason I love the BH Cosmetics Liquid Lipsticks is because I found my favorite neutral! (It’s the shade Sophia.) I am SUPER picky with lip colors. I like as subtle a color as possible. Nothing bright. I also wanted something that went with my natural color which I felt like was a really muted mauve (grayish brown with a hint of purple/maroon). I feel like many “natural” colors look pink or red and then if you want something more neutral it looks like concealer.

No joke: I swatched EVERY Urban Decay lipstick at Ulta one day and I couldn’t find a color I loved for everyday wear.

UPDATE: It looks like they are no longer restocking my favorite shade Sophia! Boo! I have seen other companies really step up their range of neutral colors so for that reason, I am going to be branching out and testing more neutral colors from other brands now.

I also prefer my color to be full coverage. My natural lip color isn’t even and looks faded so I want something to make my lips look smooth and even. Lip products that are shiny and sheer just don’t look as good to me. This lipstick is full coverage with just one thin layer and it dries matte which I like.

Comparing to High End Liquid Lipsticks

I have tried quite a few different lip products and the best long-lasting liquid lipsticks (besides BH) were the Tartiest Matte Lip Paint and the Anastasia Liquid Lipstick. Both of those have great formulas that last all day, don’t smudge, don’t bleed, dry matte, etc. I tried both of those and the BH Liquid Lipstick and found little to no difference.

SUPER Affordable

Okay, if there are products out there that are just as good as this one, then why do I love this one so much? It is because of the price! Both the Tarte and the Anastasia lipsticks retail for $20. BH Cosmetics Liquid Lipstick retails for $9, but they often have sales of 50% off so I got mine for $5 each. That is such a great price and it cheap enough that I can buy a few colors for different occasions.


DRYING: The biggest negative is that the formula can be drying but I feel like any product that is truly 100% transfer-proof with a matte finish is also drying. I just make sure to put a good lip balm on in the morning before applying lipstick.

LIMITED IN-STORE AVAILABILITY: BH Cosmetics isn’t everywhere in-store and even when a store carries the brand is may not carry all of the lip products. Ulta has some BH Cosmetics products, but I’m only seeing the liquid lipsticks online.

NO TESTERS: There are no stores with testers for the lipsticks that I’m aware of so you just have to buy based on swatches which is a bit risky. Since it is so cheap, I don’t mind.

What’s My Vote?

Positive Review for BH Cosmetics Liquid Lipstick

Of course I voted yes! For me the price and transfer-proof formula make it a winner, but what is your vote? Have you tried this product? If so, tell me what you think of it. If you use one of the high-end products I mentioned then maybe save yourself a few bucks and give this a try. You can get this lipstick at the BH Cosmetics website, at Ulta online, or there are a couple colors on Amazon.

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