Color Street Nail Review from Non-Seller

Color Street Nail Strips Review

August 14, 2020

I’m not a seller of Color Street nail strips. This is just my honest review to help others.

For a free sample go hereTo browse products go here

My friend gave me a free sample a long time ago but I hate doing my nails so I didn’t use it for a while. I finally decided to try the sample and then I purchased sets in every type of finish so I could share alllllllllll of the details about Color Street. Here it is!

What is Color Street?

  • Real nail polish (not vinyl or stickers)
  • In a strip form that applies like a sticker: just pick the sticker that matches your nail size and stick it on.
  • No drying time, and no smudges
  • No tools needed! All you have to do is file off the extra length but the set even comes with a nail file.
  • Base, color, and top coats of nail polish in each strip
  • Cost $11-$13 a set
  • Come in a variety of solids, glitters, shimmers, and patterns. There are also clear overlays that can add glitter or patterns.
  • It is a direct sales company, but all orders can be placed online and shipped right to you.

If you know a Color Street Stylist (seller) then ask them for their link to browse/order products. If you don’t have a stylist then my girl Lindy can help you out:


Steps for Applying

> Use the alcohol wipe provided to clean your nails
> Pick the nail strip that is closest to the size of your nail
> Peel off the back, stick the strip on your nail, push firmly to smooth out any wrinkles
> Fold the extra down over the top of your nail
> File off the extra
For more application details and video demos go here.

Optional Nail Prep

You don’t have to do this nail prep, but I would recommend it:
> Trim and file nails. I prefer shorter nails because there is less chance at my nails breaking therefore chipping the polish.
> Push back cuticles. Pushing your cuticles back lets you put the nail polish strip closer to the base of your nail which will give you more time before your nails grow and show the gap between your skin and the polish. I also like to trim my cuticles because they are so thick.

Application Tips

Check their website for some “do’s and don’ts.”

If you are having any major problems with Color Street then it is user error.

Nicely said by my friend lol

My Application Experience

My very first application took forever. It is advertised as a super quick manicure so what’s the deal? Well, a lot of it is my personality. I’m very thorough and a bit of a perfectionist. I spent 15 minutes just prepping my nail. I read the instructions multiple times and couldn’t decide which strip size I should use for which nail. I was scared to put them on thinking once they touched my nail they would be stuck forever and might be crooked (but now I know I can make adjustments if needed). I was overthinking it and have gotten faster over time, but if you are a perfectionist will take a bit longer than 5 minutes. I do it while I watch a show now.

The other reason it took me a while the first time was that there is a learning curve. This is not a complicated product at all, but with any new product you have to learn how to use it. Now that I have put on a few sets, I know which strip size works best for each nail and I don’t have to read any instructions so the time has gone way down.

My Results (Wear Test)

Here are pictures of my test comparing my sample to nail polish as well as pictures showing how different Color Street strips wear over time. You can see some wear, but for nail polish I feel like they held up very well.

Nail Polish versus Color Street Wear Test

^ The sample is the patterned design Flora Good Time.

The coral glitter design is called You’re Corally Invited >

< The copper color is a shimmery strip called Moscow or Never.


  • FREE Sample! This is probably the BEST thing about Color Street. A completely free sample can be shipped to you so if you are even thinking about it just request one here then see how the application goes for you and how long it lasts. You will get two nail strips which you can use as accent nails and you can put nail polish on the rest of your fingers for comparison.
  • Very forgiving application. When you are applying, you can lift them back up to make adjustments. And if you get it on your finger you can just use a nail to perforate/peel the extra off that got on your finger.
  • Flexibility = great fit. I was worried that the strips may not be the right shape, but these have a bit of stretch so I can get them to cover my nail completely. No gaps on the side like vinyl products. The slight stretch also helps get out any wrinkles leaving a smooth finish.
  • No peeling. I haven’t had any issues will the edges peeling up. They have stayed put and I have never been tempted to peel or pick at them.
  • Accurate ads. Bad beauty ads are my pet peeve so I love that the company puts out claims that the product lives up to. They say the product lasts up to 10 days. I always keep it on for two weeks then think I should probably replace these but I don’t get around to it for another week.
  • Remove them with nail polish remover. No need for anybody at a salon to take these off! Yay! No soaking for a half hour. No fancy tools. Just a cotton ball with any kind of remover will get these right off.
  • No damage to your nails. After getting fake nails or even a gel manicure, I can often see layers of my nail peeling off and it doesn’t seem good…
  • Price. Okay, I was going to put this in the “cons” column at first because $11-$13 for a nail product I apply myself and just use once seemed like more than I want to pay, BUT then I found a couple of tricks! If you don’t have super long nails, you can cut your nail strips in half and you can get two manicures out of one pack! (Make sure to store the extras correctly so they don’t dry out.) You can also do the Buy 3 Get 1 Free promotion which would bring each manicure to just under $5.
  • Made in the USA

^ This is considered a solid with a “shimmer finish” which looks metallic. This set and the sample stayed on the best.
(Moscow or Never)

^ After two weeks I had some slight chipping by the base of my nail which didn’t happen to the non-glitters.
(You’re Corally Invited)


  • The tips wear down over time. This is the biggest thing to be aware of and may be the determining factor of whether you feel like these work for you. From my experience, I can get the strips to be perfectly smooth, no wrinkles, no peeling edge, but the tips will wear down over time. This does not bug me because it wears in a smooth line (no big chips) and it is only noticeable up close. This really is a personal preference so look at my pictures up close and try a sample to see if this is okay with you. I have also heard that doubling the strips or putting a clear overlay can limit the wear. Should I test that for you??
  • Learning curve. As I mentioned, any new product will take time to get used to. Don’t expect a quick application at first.
  • Don’t prevent nail breakage. The strips are just made of nail polish so if your nails break then your polish chips. I like to keep my nails somewhat short to limit help prevent breaking, but if a nail breaks you CAN cut/file your nail with your Color Street on since it is polish.
  • Can’t touch up. If you did have a major chip then with nail polish you could just give it another coat but since this is a strip you can’t really do that…unless you have an extra strip I guess…idk. But the idea is that there are never big chips so touchups shouldn’t be needed.
  • Patterns are cheesy. No offense to those who like them, but the patterns are wild! They are bright, bold, busy, and just not my style. Thankfully there are lots of solid colors and glitters for us more neutral girls.

Are Color Street Nail Strips Worth Our Money?

The Beauty Ballot Positive Product Review

I can’t afford gel or dip manicures regularly but I feel more put together with my nails done. I hate the mess, the smudges, the drying time, and the chipping that comes with regular nail polish that makes it impractical for a busy mom. Color Street solves those problems for me. I love the look of these on and I feel like the price is good when I take advantage of promotions and get two manicures per pack.

For a free sample go here. To browse the products go here.

Who Would Like This Product?

I am a firm believer that no product can really be loved by everybody. Use the pros and cons above to see if you are interested, but here are some groups who may especially love or hate Color Street.

> If you like nail art and themed nails (like for holidays) these ARE FOR YOU. Nail art is so hard to do yourself and is expensive at a salon, but Color Street has lots of patterned options. There are plenty of solids for my neutral loving self, but if you love having unique accent nails or patterns that go along with upcoming holidays then you will likely love these.

> If you get a manicure regularly then these are NOT FOR YOU. If I could take a break and have somebody else do my nails for me then I would always do that! lol These would work if you can’t get to the salon or need a break to help your nails heal or want to put a pattern over your mani but in general, if you are a salon girl then you probably won’t want these.

> If you like mixing up your nails then these ARE FOR YOU. They are constantly coming up with new colors and patterns so the stock is regularly changing. I have fun looking through the website just to see the latest colors.

> If you have significantly wide nails these are NOT FOR YOU. I use the five widest strips so if your nails are significantly wider than mine then they may not work. You can always try a sample though.

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