kitsch microfiber hair towel review

Microfiber Hair Turban Review

August 4, 2020

I saw this ridiculous advertisement for a hair towel and my interest was piqued. I knew nothing would work as well as that ad promised but I figured anything help drying my hair would be appreciated and I wanted something to keep my wet hair up while I was getting ready. I don’t support companies that advertise like that so I searched online for a hair towel.

I ended up choosing the Kitsch Microfiber Hair Towel because it was on Amazon, had great reviews, had a button, and was slightly cuter than others. It seemed like a more legit brand that others on Amazon.

My Results

kitsch microfiber hair towel review
kitsch microfiber hair towel results
kitsch microfiber hair towel results

My hair was definitely more dry in these pictures than right after the shower and I attribute some of that to the hair towel. But, I had been doing my makeup for a while and during that time my hair would have air-dried if I didn’t have a towel on and I don’t feel like the results would be much different.


  • The Button! – Hands down, the best thing about this is that it has a button. The hair towel is easy to put on and it actually stays put thanks to the button and the elastic along the rim of the towel. I love that I don’t have to tie anything and I don’t worry about it falling out.
  • Cute – This one has a pretty rose gold button and tag which makes it seem just a bit more sophisticated than others
  • Hair Fits – My hair is long/thick. It is slightly longer than the towel but it is easy to tuck the ends into the towel.
  • On Amazon – I always love free shipping and free returns


  • Does NOT significantly reduce drying time. I feel like my hair is drier after using the towel but I don’t feel like it is drier than using a different type of towel or even just letting it air dry when I do a long makeup routine.
  • Doesn’t live up to the ads. The advertisement says that it will cut drying time in half and I did not notice that much of a difference.
  • Itchy tag. This was a popular comment on the online reviews and I will agree….the cute rose gold tag is super itchy and is placed to be right on the ear. Why???
  • There is an elastic loop that you put around the button to hold the towel on and the loop is inside the towel so it makes it a bit hard to find when your hair is in there.

Do Microfiber Hair Towel Turbans Work?

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The Kitsch Microfiber Hair Towel did not have the drying power that I hoped for so I can’t recommend this product. I’m still happy to have one and use it regularly but am tempted to see if there is another out that that would work better.

I would recommend getting this style of hair turban with the button though.

Do you know of any hair towel that would be better at absorbing water? Share in the comments!

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