Truskin Vitamin C Serum Review

My Results Using The Affordable TruSkin Vitamin C Serum

May 13, 2020

Why I Chose This Serum

First, let’s remember my blog about all of my skin issues and how nothing I tried worked to fix the dry rashy spots or to dim the bright red color that filled my face after every shower. So as I was frustrated, feeling like I had tried a variety of things to help improve my skin with no results, then I came across an article talking about good beauty products on Amazon. The TruSkin serum was on the list and I thought maybe I should try a serum since I had never used one before.

Next, I researched. I looked up articles about the best serums on Amazon and found a few websites that had this serum on their list. There are SO many serums out there and SO many differing opinions so this was by no means the top of every list, but it was frequently well-reviewed. On, this is listed as the #1 Best Seller for all facial serums so I figured people must like it if they continue to buy it.

Finally, let’s talk about price. You know I’m cheap. Well, I don’t mind spending some money but I hate wasting money. When I looked up articles about the best serums ever the cost for serums usually started at $50, was frequently around $80, and ended at $166 for the most expensive product on the list. There was no way I was paying any of those prices when I didn’t even know if serums really made a difference. I figured that since my skin was in rough shape, a well-reviewed, $20 product should make a difference so I would start there.


This Is Different Than Just Using Moisturizer

The thing I doubted most about serums is that they were truly different than moisturizer. I figured that if I had a nice moisturizer then I shouldn’t need a serum. I quickly found out that logic was flawed. Here is how I would describe the difference:

Moisturizer is like watering the ground. If the ground is dry and cracked then you can keep watering it forever and it seems moist at first but then the water will soak in and can still leave the top layer of dirt dry. A serum is can repair the cracked/dry dirt and provide a barrier so the water can keep the moisture right on top. Does that help?

Basically, the serum did nothing to moisturize the skin, but it provided a smooth tight layer of skin for my moisturizer. After the first couple of uses, I could feel the tightness and over time I used less moisturizer.

After A Couple Weeks

It sounds cheesy but after a couple weeks of using this product, I could FEEL a difference and was so excited I had my husband feel my face. My skin wasn’t just a bit tighter after using this product, it was getting softer and smoother.

After A Month

After a month of using the TruSkin Serum, my rashy dry spots had cleared up completely and my skin felt so much smoother! I could feel the difference, but was so excited when my before/after pictures showed the difference. My skin was much brighter and less red.
(Keep in mind I took my before/after pictures in the same spot in my house, at the same time of day, with the same lighting, same clothing, and of course no editing.)

Before and After Truskin Vitamin C Serum
B E F O R E – > – A F T E R
Before and After Truskin Vitamin C Serum
B E F O R E – > – A F T E R


Improved Skin Texture / Color

The main thing I love about this product is the improved texture of my skin. It is noticeably softer, smoother, moist, and no more rashy spots! It has really improved the smoothness of my skin when NOTHING else seemed to work.

I also have seen improvement in the amount of redness in my skin. My skin isn’t perfect yet, and I would like to see even less redness, but having skin that is noticeably less red after a month seems like good progress to me.

Using Less Of Other Products

I previously applied two coats of an expensive moisturizer because my skin was so dry and seemed to soak the moisturizer right up. Now the serum seems to provide a bit of a barrier so one coat of moisturizer is just fine.

I also previously used lots of foundation to cover up the redness in my skin. Now I can use a bit less product and I can use products that are less full coverage for a natural everyday look. I still prefer at least a medium coverage foundation but it is progress.


Earlier in this post, I mentioned that highly rated serums can range from $50-$166 which is way more than I want to spend. I feel like this is reasonably priced at $20 per ounce (or $18 per ounce if you buy the larger size).


No Help For Fine Lines / Pore Size

I have a lot of fine lines on my forehead and I haven’t noticed any difference with those yet. I have only been using the product for a couple of months now so maybe that is something it will help with over time? I also have lots of blackheads and large pores. There doesn’t seem to be any change there either. Both of those things were advertised so this product hasn’t completely lived up to the ad in my experience.

Another Step in My Skincare Routine

I want to keep my beauty routine as simple as possible. Previously, I wasn’t using any type of serum so this is one more step that takes time in the morning and it is one more product that I need to purchase. I’m okay with that if as long as I’m getting noticeable results that I can’t get from other products I’m already using.

Is This Serum Worth Your Money?

Positive Beauty Product Review

I tend to be pretty critical and really don’t want to recommend using more products than necessary, but I would recommend this product if you are not using a serum now. Especially if you have redness or dryness, this product is worth trying since that is what it helped me with the most and it is reasonably priced for a serum.

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If you already use a serum, I have no idea if this product is better or worse than the product you are using! I plan to test some different serums in the future for comparison, but for now, all of my results are a result of going from NO serum to this serum. If you already are using a serum that you feel is working well or if you have great skin then you may see some positive results, but I doubt your results will be as dramatic as mine. If you are using an expensive serum, give this one a shot to save some money and tell me if you really notice any difference when you switch.

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