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The Best Casual Tunic Top

June 12, 2020

Let me set the scene: I just had baby #2 and the weight was NOT coming off like it did with baby #1. I was going to visit family just 4 months postpartum and I hadn’t lost much more than the weight of the baby himself. Even my larger random t-shirts (think sports teams, free t-shirts, etc.) were too tight to be wearable. Plus it was going to be hot where we were going. I knew I had to bite the bullet and buy something new.

I tried a couple of basic t-shirts one size larger than normal, but I didn’t like how they fit. Everything was just stretched wider which wasn’t flattering and I wanted some extra length since my leggings were fitting a bit snug as well…

I also got some shirts like this cute lace trimmed tee, and I really liked it, but because of the extra weight and nursing, the shoulder area was just a bit snug. I don’t like having anything tight around my arms when it is hot outside. Many other tunic t-shirts had deep v necks which I don’t feel comfortable with.

So after trying many shirts from Amazon and other retailers, this one ended up being my absolute favorite comfy, casual, loose, cooling, somewhat flattering tee. Here’s why:

What I Love About It


The #1 reason I ordered this shirt was because I had a super prominent postpartum belly that I really wanted to hide. I did not want anything tight across my midsection. This totally did the trick without looking as wide as many other large/flowy shirts that I tried.


I have decided I want all of my shirts to have this!! LOL This may not be needed for everybody, but it is a definite need for me when trying to stay cool in the summer. I get hot easily and sweat when I get hot. The dropped seam means there is no seam in my armpit and no tight material there either. Completely breezy underarms. Hallelujah!

Daily Ritual Dropped Shoulder Tunic Top Review


It is very long! It is long enough to cover the bum completely by a couple inches and covers your front as well. It works so great when you are wearing tight leggings and don’t want to feel as exposed. It has a slight scoop up on the sides which allows for the front to be slightly shorter than the back which is nice. The scoop isn’t too dramatic so you won’t see your pant waistband.


It is a short sleeve but it is longer than most short sleeves. (closer to the elbow) I feel like this look is much more flattering than many short/cap sleeves, ESPECIALLY if you carry weight in your upper arms.


Who doesn’t love Amazon Prime?? Shipping is free and if you don’t like something then return shipping is also free! Very little risk involved compared to other online boutiques. Also, there is Amazon Prime Wardrobe where you can try it out before you even pay for it.

Best Postpartum Tunic Top


Let me be clear, when I say “feminine cut” I do not mean that this will show off your curves. I mean that it is more flattering and feminine than the most oversized tees. Right now, many looser fitting t-shirts are very wide and boxy and have the “boyfriend” look aka it looks like it could be your man’s shirt. This shirt flows straight down (similar to blouse cut) giving a longer/leaner look than some of the other tees. And if you size down, it will be more fitted around the arms/bust which is what adds the feminine touch.


To be honest, I’m not sure if this material is quite nice enough to last forever since it is on the thinner side, but overall, I really like the material. It is a smooth and slinky while still being soft. The smoothness allows it to not cling much and it is thin enough to breathe and keep you cool. I have washed and dried it many times already without and weird shrinking or hem issues.


The neckline is perfect for me. It is a scoop neck that is low enough not to bother my neck and to allow me to wear a short chain necklace but it isn’t low enough for me to be flashing people as I wrangle my boys. Nobody wants that! Ha!

Long and Comfy Everyday Shirt


Honestly, I’m having to stretch to come up with anything.

My main point for this section is really that it won’t be for everybody because of its specific style. If long, loose, and the other descriptions above aren’t what you usually go for then you probably won’t like this either. (I’m looking at you ladies who love a fitted cap sleeve or a waist hugging cami as an everyday look 🙂 )


Okay, this should be super obvious but this is a super casual shirt. This is my go-to for chasing kids at the park on a hot day or running errands, not for going out.⁠⠀⠀


Okay, I find this SUPER minor, but it can wrinkle a bit. I left this shirt in a bunched up pile after getting out of the dryer, then poorly folded it and stuck it on a shelf, then put it on, then took these pictures just a few minutes later. You can definitely seem wrinkles but they mostly fall out during the day. You could also hang up the shirt or order a darker color and you wouldn’t notice them at all.


This may not be fair to say since I have only attempted to wear this shirt with leggings, but I don’t think it is super versatile. Now that I think of it, I don’t think I have tried on a single pair of jeans since my baby was born! Wow! I guess I’m still too scared…

Anyway, it looks great with leggings and I think it would probably look great with skinny jeans as long as the button isn’t too bulky. Since the material isn’t super thick you just don’t want to see a big button sticking out. Because of the scooped hem, you can tuck in the front making it a bit more versatile. I wouldn’t recommend it with any skirts, or wide-leg pants though.


The Daily Ritual Short-Sleeve Scoop-Neck Tunic Shirt retails for $18.

At first, I thought that was wasn’t super cheap for a shirt I was just wearing around the house, running errands, and playing with kids, but I quickly realized that because of my stage of life, I wear this more than ANY of my other shirts so it is worth it to spend the money on a casual shirt I really love.

Savings Tip: Occasionally specific colors go on sale so I got my gray shirt for only $11! Such a steal!

Follow me on instagram and I will do my best to share when it goes on sale.


Here is my personal sizing info: Before baby #2 I was wearing a size Large in most shirts. That was the same size I was wearing before I had any kids although there wasn’t much extra room anymore. When I ordered my first shirt I had just had baby #2 and had lots of baby weight so I sized up to an XL which is the size I was ordering for other shirts I was testing as well. I loved it because it was so loose and didn’t touch my belly at all, but the arms and neckline were a bit looser than they had to be so I eventually got a size Large too. In these pictures, I am wearing a Large and it is comfortable even though I still have 15 lbs to lose to get to my weight before I had baby #2. I don’t feel comfortable in other Large shirts yet.

Basically: If you like the extra loose fit as shown on the model, then order your normal size. If you want a slightly more fitted look like the pictures above then size down or order your pre-baby/weight gain size.

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    June 12, 2020 at 12:40 pm

    Love this review. Always looking for casual but nicer than Tshirt, cool (as in temperature) top!

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